Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. Let's hope 2010 will be a great year for hunting and fishing in the Bluegrass. My 2009 was a great one as a dad as my son finally connected on his first turkey and his 3rd buck. Other than that, it was slow! Let's hope foor great things in 2010! Good luck to everyone.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Free Youth Hunt Days

Remember, Youth ages 15 and under may hunt deer with a firearm Dec. 26-27, and may hunt and trap small game and furbearers Dec. 26 – Jan. 1, all without a license or permit. Get a kid out this weekend and next week. Watch for those bucks who have dropped antlers already. Take a look at that head before you shoot.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. No hunting this week. We just got back from a funeral in Russell Springs. Remember, the free youth hunt weekend is coming up.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Michaella Monroe Buck is Scored

Michaella Monroe's buck was officially scored 219 5/8 non-typical. Check it out in the Kentucky Conservation Coalition newsletter. Also, take a minute to read the story about the disabled hunters deer hunt and the Blugrass Army Depot. There are some great pics.

Copy and Paste

No Bear Killed???????

Well, it looks like Kentucky's first ever bear season might have been a complete bust. If telecheck results are correct, ZERO bear were killed in this weekends historic hunt. I know snow was a big issue in the three county area but I'm shocked no bear were taken.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bear Season open again Sunday the 20th

Wow, I'm shocked that the bear season will be open Sunday the 20th. The limit of bears was not killed today. I'm not sure how many bear were killed b/c the telecheck results won't be posted until Sunday morning. Update to come.

Apparently, people are saying the snow storm has shut down many roads in Eastern Kentucky this morning and a lot of people couldn't even hunt.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Historic Bear Season Tomorrow

Saturday December 19th will be Kentucky's first ever modern bear season. Hunters will have to check the F&W website at 9 pm on Saturday night to see if the season will be open on Sunday the 20th or closed due to the number of bear killed on Saturday. As of last week, very few tags had been sold for the 3 county bear hunt. Hopefully, we'll begin getting some pics by tomorrow night.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Late Season Elk Draw Results Released

The late season elk hunt hunt results were released today. I had no idea they were going to be released so you need to go check your liscense number on line. Good luck. Just copy and paste the link.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Late Muzzleloader!

It's go time for the late muzzleloader season which begins tomorrow (December 12th) and runs through the 20th in all 4 deer zones. This season might be even better than gun with the cold weather and more does coming in. I'm loading up on the OJ and cold medicine b/c I feel like dirt. I'm trying to decide if I can even get out in the morning. I figure I'll tough out that 18 degree Saturday monring and pay for it later. Good luck folks.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hunting Seasons Updates

Muzzlelaoder begins again this weekend (Dec. 12) and runs through the 20th in all four zones.

Crossbow runs until December 31st.

The Free Youth deer hunting weekend is December 26th and 27th.

The Bear season is December 19th and 20th in Harlan, Pike, and Letcher counties.

Bobcat runs through January 31st.

Squirrel season runs until Feb 28th.

The Free Youth small game week is December 26th to Jan. 1.

Fall turkey gun ends on Decmeber 11th. Archery Turkey runs until January 18th and crossbow ends December 31st.

Monday, December 7, 2009

KDFWR Releases Elk Harvest Info

Through November there had been 249 bulls killed in Kentucky including one out-of-zone bull. The out-of-zone bull was killed by crossbow in Laurel County. So far, the success rate for bulls is 86%. That is the success vs. tags drawn so some hunters could've possibly not hunted. There were 266 Bull permits issued + 24 either sex permits. The 24 either sex permits Landowner Cooperator Permits.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tree Stand Safety

I did a really stupid thing this weekend. I left my safety harness in the truck and instead of going back and getting it, I climb up into a stand without it. This particular stand wasn't very high off the ground but high enough to to cause a serious injury. As I began to sit down, the stand shifted and I lost my balance. I threw my bow toward my feet and luckily somehow caught onto a branch and got my balance back enough to right the stand. Very stupid decision not to go back to the truck but I learned a good lesson. Be safe out there folks. Where those safety harnesses and come home safe.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Josh Webb Buck

Dang, Josh Webb's year has NOT sucked. Big bull and a big buck. A 2009 to remember. How many Kentucky huters scored this Bluegrass double this season.....not many.

Shotgun Fall Turkey Opens Again Today

Fall Gun Turkey opens back up today (Dec. 5). I've not been seeing any all of the sudden. Hope you are.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Already time to buy Elk Hunt Lottery Application

It's already time you can purchase your elk lotter application for 2010. The $10 application gives you the opportunity to be drawn for either a bull or cow tag. It should be interesting to see how many permits are issued this season. We shouldn't know until sometime around March. Good luck.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I learned this season............

Every time you go out in the woods or fields, you learn something about deer hunting. Every season, you learn something too. Usually, by next season, you forget it because your blinded by excitement like a kid sprinting down the steps on Christmas morning.

Here are a few things I learned this season that I'd forgotten before the season started:

1. No matter how many big bucks you see in the summer time or on camera, you won't see that many during hunting season.

2. If you get that one 10 second chance at a really big buck, you darn well better take advantage because you usually won't get another one.

3. Appreciate neighbors that kill a few deer here and there and have stands on your property line because they could sell to guys who let everybody hunt and kill every deer they see.

4. The weather is more than unpredictable in the Bluegrass and it gets crazier every year.

5. You should hunt hard in the early season while the bucks are grouped up.

more to come later...............

Great Article from Deer and Deer Hunting

Looks like I'm not the only one......................He sums most of it up to a bad timing on moon phase, bad weather (warm, wet, and windy), and acres of corn and beans not harvested b/c of wet weather.
Copy and paste the above link to read the entire article by Gordon Whittington of Deer and Deer Hunting

NAW's Big Buck Blog
December 1, 2009
By Gordon Whittington

Rut Gone Wrong

December 1, 2009

Serious whitetail hunters spend 50 weeks of each year waiting for the other two to get here. So what happens when those two -- the ones that typically feature the hottest and heaviest rutting activity -- are a bust? It makes for some mighty long days in the field, and for some equally long faces back in camp.

Welcome, sadly, to one of those years. For much of North America, the 2009 rut has been a flop of epic proportions.

Amber waves of (soggy) grain: that's the story in much of the Corn Belt this fall, and neither farmers nor hunters are happy about it.

I wish it weren't so, but from everything I've seen and heard, it is. I honestly can't recall such a poor span for mature buck movement at this time of year since . . . well, I don't know when. It's just been that bad.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not So Good

Well, for the first time in my life, I went through an entire gun season and didn't see a single buck chasing. I have seem 13 different bucks through the season and not a single one chasing. Unbelievable. I've heard the same from many people around the area. Very strange.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Last Weekend of Gun Season

Well, we're down to the last weekend of gun. It sounds like in some parts of the states, the rut kicked in right through gun season. For me, not so much. I'm not sure what happened tonight, but the deer went crazy. I saw 36 different deer tonight and only 3 of the 12 different bucks I've seen throughout the season. All three bucks bumped does all over the farm. Hopefully, this is the breakthrough weekend. Good luck.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Man, am I frustrated. I've hunted quite a bit this season. The place I hunt is tough b/c it's pretty open with little woods to speak of. The deer bed in basically some really grown up bottoms and another grown up area. For the first time I can EVER remember in my life, I have not seen one single buck actually chasing. I've seen 3 tremendous bucks (only 1 of those in gun season) but none chasing. I'm dead frustrated. What rut action are you seeing?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Season Dates

Remember, Deer Zone 3 and 4 closes today November 23rd for gun hunting. Zone 1 and 2 closes on November 29th.

Fall turkey crossbow continues through Dec. 31st.

Fall turkey shotgun comes back in Dec. 5-11th.

The bear season is coming up on Dec. 19-20 in Harlan, Letcher, and Pike only.

Duck season comes in on November 26-29th and then back in on Dec. 7 through Jan 31st.

Canadian Goose season is in starting today through January 31st.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cow Season

Steve Zuege from Fern Creek's Cow Elk killed in Zone 6. Congrats.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poachers Caught, F&W Looking for More

See Press Releases from F&W

Reward Offered For Information On Weekend Poaching Of Three Elk In Bell County

Nov 16, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife law enforcement officers are seeking information about the weekend poaching of three young bull elk in Bell County and are offering a reward for the information.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Dr. Jon Gassett has authorized a reward up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who shot and killed the three elk Saturday on top of Redbird Mountain, located off KY 66.

State Fish and Wildlife officers say witnesses saw an elk fall, then spotted two more dead elk as they approached the first animal. The witnesses also saw two other persons approach the downed elk, then turn and leave the area.

The officers immediately opened an investigation and recovered several pieces of evidence, including ballistic evidence.

Persons with information are encouraged to contact Bell County state conservation officer Sgt. Ray Lawson at (606) 499-3520, or the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife poaching hotline at 1-800- 25-ALERT.

Two Christian County Poachers Caught After Nearly A Year

Nov 17, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – Resolute determination and a timely tip from a local citizen helped Christian County Conservation Sgt. James Nason close a deer poaching case last week, just three days before the statue of limitations on the charges would have expired.

Two Christian County men entered guilty pleas Monday, Nov. 16, in Christian District Court to charges related to killing a deer on the day prior to the 2008 firearms season opener and then Telechecking it one day later as if it were a legal kill.

Chris Brown, 28, of Hopkinsville, and his father-in-law, Sammy Gilliam, 55, of Pembroke, pleaded guilty in the poaching of a Boone and Crockett Club trophy class white-tailed buck. Brown admitted poaching the deer out of season and then illegally Telechecking it a day later, while Gilliam pleaded guilty to assisting Brown after the kill.

Telecheck is a system used by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife for hunters to report their game harvest by telephone.

Nason said he had been aware of the poaching for quite some time. But it was information he received from a community member during last month’s muzzleloader deer season that allowed him to seek arrest warrants for Brown and Gilliam.

Brown and Gilliam each paid fines and court costs of $409. In addition, Brown received a 30-day jail sentence that was probated for two years. He also forfeited his deer rifle, the mounted deer and was stripped of his hunting privileges for two years. Gilliam lost his hunting privileges for one year.

Bluegrass Hunting...What Needs to be Fixed?

I feel like we've got the best Fish and Wildlife Department in the US here in the Bluegrass State. But, as with everything, I have a wish list of items I'd like to be changed. Here's my list in no particular order.

1. The Elk Program: I wish me or a family member would get drawn again. Kidding of course. No, I'd like to see that happen but that's not the problem. Obviously, in talking to Eastern Kentuckians, they feel that the elk are somewhat of a problem or hassle. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing residents of the 16 county area have a slightly better chance of being drawn. Secondly, I'd like to see a seperate bull/cow lottery drawing. I'll have to research the numbers, but I'd say that many people who get drawn for cows, don't go. I feel like it would raise more money for F&W. Fix it F&W.

2. Crossbow Season: I just don't understand the crossbow season. Why have a short crossbow season in October and not open it back up until the regular gun season. My son sure can't shoot a compound bow yet and there was a month he couldn't hunt. If you shoot a crossbow over 30 to 40 yards (same as a compound bow), you shouldn't be shooting. Fix that F&W.

3. Bow season opens too early: Just my opinion. I'd like to see the end of September or Oct. 1. Probably not a popular opinion. Just not sure how dove and deer can open so close together.

4. More Youth Hunting: I'd love to see more Quota Youth only hunts. Just a thought.

5. Deer stand placement: Deer stands should be at least 50 yards from property lines. Why should a neighbor place a stand right on the property line overlooking a corn field?? Shouldn't be able to happen.

6. Stiffer penalties for tresspassing: Hate me some tresspassers.

Monday, November 16, 2009

On the Verge

I still don't get the feeling that the bucks are actually chasing much. They are checking a lot though. I hear some chasing in some other areas but I think the bucks here are on the verge of breaking lose as some does start to come in. I love this weekend coming up.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Boy Scores Again

My 10 year old son scored on his 3rd deer in three years with a nice little 8 pointer tonight. He was a little disappointed with the ground shrikage but it's one he should be proud of. I was in a horrible spot in the stand with some does having me on lock down. He got his rifle in position and absolutely dropped him like a rock. It got too dark to take pictures so I'll have to get some in the morning. Good job little E. Proud of my boy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Really warm weather for opening weekend

Dang, the weather just doesn't give us a break. It's gonna be really warm (low 70s) for opening day of gun season Saturday. The moon is good though and hopefully the does will be out and the big boys checking them. Maybe even some good chasing action going on.

Gun Season Opens Saturday

Finally, it's gun season at Saturday the 14th and the rut will be in full swing. I've seen a lot of bucks on the move in the past two weeks. I just don't have the stand placement with a bow to get it done based on where the deer are bedding. I'm fired up for Saturday though. It's time for my son to get back at it. Good luck folks.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Rut is on!

Big bucks are cruising. The rut is officially on in the Bluegrass. I saw an absolute monster 8 pointer tonight. He was really looking for does. I rattled at him and he started to come and then spotted a doe to check and away he went. This moon is good for rutting but they're probably doing a lot at night. Can't wait til this moon is going away from full in the next few days. Get out all you can in the next week!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Weather man is killin us

Man, what a horrible start to the hunting weekend. The wind was brutal tonight. With the warmth, the deer were hunkered down. Not much movement at all. The rain will wash out Saturday morning. If you're hunting bottom lands like me, the rivers very well may be out of their banks by tomorrow afternoon. Rough weekend for hunting. Sunday does look pretty good across the state.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prime Time for Bow Hunters

Man, it's prime time for bow hunters to be out and the weather is horrible. We've been seeing small bucks cruising and sparring for a couple of weeks. Last night, I saw the first evidence of the big boys being fired up after watching a horse of a drop tine 11 pointer destroy some trees and bump does all over the farm. Unfortunately for me, I picked the wrong stand. Can't wait to get out in the next few days.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Turkey Shotgun Season

Man, I've got to get on my game. Sitting on the computer at 10:30 last night, I realized today was the opening of the fall tukey shotgun season. I've got a flock pinned down. Hopefully, we'll get a crack at them in the morning.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More sparring bucks tonight

It was a wierd night in the stand tonight for my son and I. We had deer all over us but not many offered shots. Like every night we've been out lately, bucks were sparring hard. Tonight, it was two brutes of 8 pointers. One was outrageously tall. A coyote ruined the night right before dark and busted up the entire group out in the bean field. Can't wait to get back to that stand with the crossbow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Youth with a 230 inch giant from Spencer Co.

Good gracious. The big bucks keep falling. This one scored 230" gross and netted 218". The young lady is 14 year old Michaella Monroe. Wow.

Lewis Co Giant

Finally, a picture surfaces of the Lewis Co. giant. Supposed to gross 211. Apparently, it took them a while to find him. More details to come. Pic from It will be close to Kentucky's all time B&C record. Those G2s are outrageous.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

400 inch Kentucky Bull

Well, I predicted it before elk season and their are rumors of Kentucky's first 400 inch bull. Trying to get pics and info from F&W. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Big Kentucky Bull

John Mullins of Lebanon Juction killed this bull on the 2nd weekend Bull Elk Hunt near Prestonsburg. I like the character of this bull's rack. Congrats to John.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Go Time

After freezing to death at an early morning soccer game, it's time to get this youth hunting underway this afternoon. Good luck to all the youth today. Dress warm.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Joshua Webb Bull

Joshua Webb killed this fantastic bull in Knott County. It green scored 330" with a 39" inside spread and it weighed 700 lbs. The bull was radio collared and ear tagged. F&W said that this bull is only 4 1/2 years old. Think about that. A fully mature bull is 8 to 9 years old and this dude scored 330 at 4 1/2. This bull was killed on the same property that the Ky Afield cameras were with a gentleman that killed a big 6x8 that grossed over 360 inches. The Kentucky Afield episode will air 8:30pm October 17th and 4:30pm October 18th on KET. Tim Farmer stayed at Danny Combs' Elk Camp who is a friend of the Webb's. Congrats to Joshua and the other hunters.

More Kentucky Bull Elk

Here are pics of two bulls taken opening morning in the same strip mine that the Webb's and the Kentucky Afield cameras hunted on. The bottom is a big 7 x 7 that Troy Combs from Hazard, KY took. The top picture is also a 7 x 7 was taken by an 83 year old man who was guided by Danny Combs of Lost Mountain Outfitters. That's awesome. I love the mix of genetics that Fish and Wildlife have thrown into this elk herd by stocking elk from so many different spots of the United States.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Big Elk Down in First Weekend

Some big elk were killed during the first weekend of the Kentucky Elk Season. I'm trying to land some pics to post. I know there was one big 6x6 killed on the Czarr Coal Company in Martin County where I hunted in 05. A big 8x7 killed will be featured on Kentucky Afield this Saturday.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Message Board Giveaway

Click on the HuntKentucky Message board to the right and sign up today. It only takes a minute. I'll giveaway a couple of Versus Country Realtree Camo hats and some fishin lures to one new member next Friday.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crossbow opens tomorrow

Crossbow season officially opens tomorrow (October 1st). Good luck.

Quota Hunt Deadline TONIGHT

Deadline to apply for waterfowl and deer quota hunts is tonight! Sept. 30. Click to the right to apply.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New HuntKentucky Message Board

Click on the the HuntKentucky Message board and join today. It's totally free and a fun place to post your stories or questions or leave replies. I've been a big fan of another Kentucky Hunting Message Board for a while but I'm not a big fan of moderators and decided to start one myself. If there's anything you'd like to add, please let me know! You'll have to go on and register just like any other message board. Remember, it's totally free and only takes a minute to register.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

At least 2 of 5 youth score on elk this weekend

In a rainy weekend, at least 2 of the 5 youth hunters scored including one very big dark horned bull. I'll see if I can get some pics.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Youth Elk Hunt-This Weekend

Good luck to the Youth hunters this weekend that got drawn for the elk hunt in a very prestigeous area.

Also, we know a fella speaking to a F&W official who says on one coal mining operation, there is a Kentucky elk they believe will score well over 400". That is an absolute monster and why I believe the world record will fall in Kentucky in the next 5-10 years.

200 incher killed in Verona, KY

There are rumors of a 200 inch netting 180 being killed in Boone Co. There is a pic of the deer here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quota Hunt Deadline Approaching Fast

Don't forget that the deadline for the Kentucky deer and waterfowl quota hunts is September 30th. You must apply on line. If you are not selected, you will recieve a preference point for next year's drawings. You can also gain preference points on some hunts by taking does. Good luck.

Kentucky Conservation Newsletter

Copy and paste to check out the Kentucky Conservation Coalition Newsletter. It's always a great read.

Got to invest in some Scent Lok

Man, I've got to invest in some Scent Lok. I had a ton of deer coming in last night with the wind in my favor and they still scented me. I've got to invest in some scent block of some sort if I'm going to bow hunt. Anybody have any suggestions as to the best brand?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who's been huntin?

Who's been out.....I have only been out once! I'm sick of seeing 80 degrees and rain on the weather reports. Next week looking much better.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Larry Weishuhn Versus Country Podcast.............Listen Now

Here is the podcast with Larry Weishuhn from Versus Country TV. Hope I didn't sound too stupid when I asked my Kentucky deer hunting question. I believe I am 2nd question of the podcast around the 6 minute mark. Mr. Weishuhn actually had a fantastic answer and sounded very excited about his Kentucky whitetail experiences. The podcast is very interesting and informative. Please give it a listen.

Also, check out Versus Country this hunting season. I love the hunting on Versus. In addition to Mr. Whitetail, I'm a huge fan of The Bucks of Tecomate with David Morris.

Just copy and paste these to your browser or click on the links to the right.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kentucky Elk Hunt only a few weeks away

Good luck to all the lucky sons of guns that got selected for the elk hunt. I was one of those lucky few a while back. The bulls should be bugling hard and big bulls will be fallin.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nat'l Hunting and Fishing Day September 26th

Make sure you get outdoors and celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 26th. If you can't get out to hunt or fish, the Salato Wildlife Center is having a big celebreation including a wild game cookoff from 10 am-5 pm. You can check it out at F&W website.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hunter's public enemy #1-Cass Sunstein

Rarely to I talk about or even care about Politics but the more I see of the Obama administration, the more concerned I get for our ability to continue to enjoy the outdoors. Cass Sunstein just got appointed and then somehow confirmed to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the Office of Management and Budget (the gatekeeper for White House policy for the Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms). He is widely known as an animal rights activist and against the 2nd amemndment right to bear arms. He's on record to have said he'd like to end all hunting. This guy is an idiot and it shows the Obama administration has no room in it for the outdoorsmen and woman of the United States.

Folks, it's time to step up and get together to fight for our rights has hunters, gun owners, and outdoorsman. It's a scary time for us and we've got to get to the polls and start voting for outdoors supporting politicians.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not a good first week weather wise..................

It's been a frustrating week one for deer hunters with pop up thundershowers and hot weather. Looks like a hot weekend and then maybe a break to the 70s next week and thank goodness for that full moon going away. Good luck.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slow Hot day Sunday

I went out for the first time Sunday. I lost at least 5 lbs in sweat. I had a great set up but no bucks. I had a doe at 27 yards and some turkeys behind me. Slow and hot day. From the looks over at, big bucks are falling all over the state.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Opening Day 2009

Anybody get out this morning? I did not. I may hang a stand this afternoon and go tomorrow. May try to get a turkey this weekend.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Versus Country Podcast

Just got off the phone from the Versus Country Larry Weishuhn podcast. It was very enjoyable and I'll post as soon as Versus releases it to us. Mr. Whitetail was extremely insightful and well spoken. He stressed the importance of getting youth involved in hunting and of the wildlife coalitions.

Larry said he'd be back in the Bluegrass state this season. He stated that the deer program in Kentucky was tremendous and that he's noticed that Kentuckians want to be "hush hush" about the quality of deer and the number of Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett deer being taken in the state.

Thanks to Versus Country and be sure to check out Mr. Weishuhn's lineup of shows on Versus TV. I'll be posting new show times and previews when they are released.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two days til Mr. Whitetail Podcast.................

Just two days left until my Versus Country Podcast with Larry Weishuhn. I need some question suggestions! If you live in a box and never watch Larry, he #1. Loves to rattle in bucks. #2. Loves the big handgun for deer hunting. Now, let's see some questions. If you'd like to be a part of the podcast, let me know and I'll get you the sign on info.

Dove and Deer Season.........Here We GO!

Remeber, Dove season opened today and bow deer will open Saturday!

Modern Gun

Zone 1: Nov. 14-29, 2009 (either sex)

Zone 2: Nov. 14-29, 2009 (either sex)

Zone 3: Nov. 14-23, 2009 (either sex)

Zone 4: Nov. 14-23, 2009 (antlered only)


Statewide: Sept. 5, 2009 - Jan. 18, 2010 (either sex)


Statewide: Oct. 1-18 and Nov. 14 - Dec. 31, 2009 (either sex)


Zone 1: Oct. 17-18 and Dec. 12-20, 2009 (either sex)

Zone 2: Oct. 17-18 and Dec. 12-20, 2009 (either sex)

Zone 3: Oct. 17-18 and Dec. 12-20, 2009 (either sex)

Zone 4: Oct. 17-18 (antlered only) and Dec. 12-20, 2009 (either sex)

Youth-only Firearms

Statewide: Oct. 10-11, 2009 (either sex)

Free Youth Weekend*

Statewide: Dec. 26-27, 2009 (either sex)

Opening Weekend Weather

Looks like good weather for opening weekend. Should be in the low and mid 80s across the state and lows in the lower 60s. Let's get it going! Looks like a full moon though.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Versus County Larry Weishuhn, “Mr. Whitetail” Interview

Hey, I need some questions for "Mr. Whitetail", Larry Weishuhn for a podcast I'll be doing for Versus Country TV on September 3rd. Let me know any Kentucky related or any questions you'd like me to ask.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's almost go-time..............

What a great Saturday next week is going to be. Opening day of deer season, dove season will be in, and the opening day of college football. Almost a perfect day if the Cats start with a big win Paul Brown at noon and I score on a big boy by evening!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deadlines approaching


I'll double check this but I believe all Fort Knox gun apps have to be in by August 30th. The bow deadline has already passed.

All Kentucky quota hunt apps must be done on-line during September.

Check out Bill's Ranch Game

Go to the bottom of the page and check out the Bill's Ranch game. You can also check it out and

Bill's Ranch is a FREE fun multi-player simulation adventure and strategy game set in the Old West that can be played from any web browser. The story begins in 1855 with Bill, a strong, brave cowboy destined for greatness--if you can take him there.

Begin building a thriving ranch, and then continue to carry your hero all the way through year 2021 in hopes of establishing his lasting and honorable dynasty. But this won't come too easily. Beware of the evil Max Vulture. This villain holds a bitter, unexplained grudge against Bill, and he will stop at nothing to destroy the valiant cowboy and anyone he holds dear!

And Max Vulture is not your only challenge--other players in the game strive for the same success you are seeking and many will take pleasure in fighting for your demise. Get competitive with embedded sub-games in which you'll fight to acquire resources, protect what is yours, and come out on top, crushing your various opponents underfoot!

Hunting Equipment Clarification from KDFWR

Hunting Equipment Clarification for 2009-10 Seasons

Aug 25, 2009

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is clarifying hunting equipment regulations for hunters who hold valid concealed carry deadly weapon permits. Under the Kentucky concealed carry deadly weapon law, KRS 237.110, holders of these permits are permitted to carry firearms during archery-only or archery/crossbow hunting seasons, and to carry firearms and ammunition that may be contrary to hunting equipment caliber or ammunition requirements. However, it is illegal for any person to take game with firearms during seasons when firearms are prohibited, or with any equipment listed as illegal for taking game.

This clarification is available as a one-page supplement to the 2009-10 Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide at The supplement provides an updated page 3 to the guide, which hunters can print out and place inside their copy. Hunters who have not yet picked up their copy of this year’s hunting guide can print the updated guide in its entirety at

Hunters who do not hold valid concealed carry deadly weapon permits must abide by the equipment regulations exactly as they appear in each section of the 2009-10 Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide. Those with valid permits should note the exception when reviewing regulations regarding legal hunting equipment for all game, including deer, turkey, elk, bear, small game and furbearer species.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Under two weeks til bow season..........

Wow, I can't believe it's almost here. Less than two weeks until Kentucky's way too early opening bow season but I'm excited. I watched some bucks on a October feeling night tonight. I still haven't seen any of the ones I'm looking for. Hopefully, they'll show up on camera this week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Check out the Federal Rec Hunting Areas Table

Scroll down to the bottom to check out the Federal Recreation Areas that areopen for Hunting table. You can click on the state tab or search by Ky for Kentucky areas.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Change to Turkey Season

F&W have made a decision to move turkey season to the 2nd Saturday in April. Many speculate that the move is to add a lot of out of state hunters that have been going South to states like Bama early in April. Many are not too happy but I feel like it'll give us a better chance to hit the gobblers still really working hard and before the hens go to nesting which was happening towards the end of the season in the past few years.

Elk Draw...........My Take

I absolutely love the elk program in the state. A lot of people in eastern Kentucky do not. I probably like it a lot more because I was drawn back in 2005 and killed the very first bull from Martin Co. While all these meetings are being called for hunters' opinions on the deer program, I have a few for the elk program.

Many Eastern Kentuckians complain that they have to put up with the headaches the elk bring to their area such as crop damage and pushing out deer, but don't get drawn for tags. 1) I have no problem letting residents from the 16 county elk restoration area have at least double the chance of draw. 2) I'd also like to see a separate bull/cow draw. First, it would generate more revenue for Fish and Wildlife. Secondly, everybody would actually show up to hunt the elk. I haven't looked at all the numbers yet but I'd be shocked if everyone hunted cows who got drawn for a cow tag. 3) As in every hunting season, I'd like to see more opportunity for the youth hunters of the state. This year, only two tags were reserved for youth hunters. That just doesn't cut it.

I'm sure as the program continues to grow and develop, Fish and Wildlife will continue to make changes. Let's hope they make changes for the positive.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dove Season 2009

Copy and paste the dove and migratory bird guide from KDFWR.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Deer Management Public Meetings scheduled.......

KDFWR will hold 6 meetings in August around the state to get the publics' input on the deer program. Here is the press release below:

Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet News Release
Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources
Public Input Sought on Deer Management
During Series of Meetings This Month

Aug 03, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is holding a series of six public meetings to gather input from hunters, landowners and concerned citizens about deer management in the coming years. People can voice their opinion about season dates, hunting zones and bag limits, the primary ways Kentucky manages its deer herd.

“This is an opportunity for the public to provide their thoughts on the direction of long-range deer management in Kentucky,” said Tina Brunjes, big game coordinator for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. “We want people to be active partners in helping us decide the direction to take.”

Kentucky’s deer herd number is at an all-time high. The state consistently ranks in the top five nationally for trophy bucks recognized by the Boone and Crockett Club.

“The deer resource is better than ever across the state, thanks to the management program enacted nearly two decades ago,” Brunjes said. “To continue this, we feel it is time to examine the state of our deer program and assess methods for its continued success.”

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials plan to revise the state’s deer management plan, which was originally written to grow the deer herd. The new plan will serve as a map to keep the population of deer at acceptable levels to the public while maintaining the quality of Kentucky’s white-tailed deer.

“Before we lay pen to paper, we need the input of our hunters and landowners,” Brunjes said. “They are the critical tool in managing deer.”

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials will hold six public meetings this month across the state for public input. All meetings will begin at 6 p.m. local time.
Scheduled locations and dates include:

Bowling Green: Kentucky Community and Technical College System, 221 Commonwealth Boulevard, Transpark Center, Aug. 10.

Northern Kentucky: Lloyd Wildlife Management Area (WMA) clubhouse, Crittenden, Aug. 11.

Paducah: West Kentucky WMA Club House, 10535 Ogden Landing Road, Kevil, August 19.

London: North Laurel High School Gym, 1300 East Daniel Boone Parkway, London, August 20.

Ashland: Northeastern Fish and Game Association Club House, Herbert C. Ross Drive, Aug. 24. From Ashland, follow US 60 West to KY 180. Continue until passing underneath the Interstate 64 bridges, then turn right on South Big Run Road. Go 1.6 miles, turn left on Herbert C. Ross Drive.

Frankfort: UK Extension Office, Rooms E & F, 101 Lakeview Ct, Frankfort, August 27.

Those unable to attend these meetings may also provide written comments about deer management in Kentucky. Send letters on this issue to: Tina Brunjes, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, #1 Sportsman’s Lane, Frankfort, Ky. 40601.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 Quota Hunt Info

***You can only apply for deer quota hunts during the month of September.

***There are 25 Quota Hunt Choices (two of those are mobility impaired only)

***Most quota hunts have a 15 inch spread restriction on bucks.

***Taylorsville Lake #1 hunt is antlerless only this year.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Whitetail Institute Interactive Newsletter\?member_id=2&pub_id=101&issue_id=315

Copy and paste this. This Whitetail Institute Newsletter is really cool and some good reading.

Turkey Questionairre

KDFWR is asking hunters to fill out a turkey and/or a waterfowl questionairre concerning seasons and bag limits.

Here are both the questionairres:

Friday, July 3, 2009

LBL Apps available on line July only

You can only complete the LBL applications on-line this season. If anybody goes, I know a great hidden spot in area 1.

Trophy Bucks list released from 2008 season

Interesting only 4 typicals scoring over 170.

Countdown to deer season................

Just two months and 2 days away!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Letter from the Commish Follow up

The letter from the commish was a response to an article written in Kentucky Afield talking about hunting over the next 20+ years here in Kentucky. The article talked about changing seasons and threw a bunch of people into a pannick b/c they thought these were changes that were already in the works when in reality, it was just the opinions from the author. It must have pushed some buttons because it created 195 responses on I'll track down the entire article when I get back in Kentucky.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bass Fishin St. John's River Florida

This shiner fishing thing is pretty awesome. Florida bass fishing is a little different than Kentucky. We don't have to avoid any big gators at home. We saw some big ones on the St. John's river. We caught quite a few bass. Not as many as I would have like but it was pretty fun. We got a late start with two flats and a broken spring on the boat trailer of our guide. We didn't get onto the water until 8:00. After some misses, my son got hot and started reeling good bass in. He also had to fight in a 20+ pound gar. It was a fun and hot day on the St. John's river. I can't wait to come back.

If you ever come to Florida, check this guy out. He's a hard working guide and a fun guy to fish with.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Letter from the Commish

I've got to research this a little. Here is the letter from the F&W Commisioner based on the response from a KY Afield article...........

Dear Subscriber:

We hope you are enjoying the articles in the Summer 2009 edition of Kentucky
Afield magazine.

We would like to clarify the intent of the article entitled “Deer Season 2029” by
Tina Brunjes, and apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The ideas
presented in the article are thoughts shared with us over the last few years, and none of the “Suggestions for Change” are positions endorsed by the department or the
Commission. The article’s intent is to stimulate public involvement as we design the
deer management plan for the next 20 years.

We have already heard from many hunters who are passionate about Kentucky’s
deer herd. If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll take a moment to read the article and email us your thoughts about deer hunting in Kentucky in the future, and any other ideas or suggestions you might have about deer management in the Commonwealth.


Dr. Jonathan Gassett

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bass Fishin in Florida??

We're down in the Daytona area looking for some good bass fishing. Anybody know any spots and/or contacts?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Fishing Weekend June 6-7

The celebration of National Fishing and Boating Week includes Free Fishing Weekend. Kentucky anglers may fish June 6 - 7 without a fishing license or a trout permit. All fishing regulations such as minimum size limits and daily creel limits remain in effect during Free Fishing Weekend.
This year, National Fishing and Boating Week brings begins June 6 and ends June 14. The celebrations aim to bring new people into fishing, boating and other water-related recreation.

**Captain Myra Minton of the law enforcement division of Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will host a Kids Fishing Derby across KY 245 at the Jim Beam Distillery at Clermont, Kentucky from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 6.

**Conservation Officer Scott Herndon will host a kids fishing event at the Taylorsville Lake tailwater below Taylorsville Lake Dam from 8 a.m. to noon on June 6

No registration is required for both of these free events.

**The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will also host the 23rd Annual Catch a Rainbow Fishing Derby on June 6 at the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery and creek, located just below Wolf Creek Dam on Lake Cumberland. The free event is for kids 1 to 15 years of age. Registration for the free fishing derby begins at 8 a.m. Central time. Participants must bring their own fishing tackle.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kentucky Conservation Coalition Newsletter

Still No gun hunting on Sunday in NC

Still don't understand states not allowing Sunday hunting. If Kentucky ever attempted this.....I'd move.

After a measure floating through North Carolina to lift the ban on hunting with guns on Sundays was voted down on Tuesday by the state’s Senate judiciary committee, supporters must wait another two to three years to try and bring the measure back to the Senate floor.

Outdoor News reports that the committee chair changed his mind about the reversal after hearing the opposition to the ban.

The opposition to lifting the ban would like North Carolina outdoor lovers to be free from gun-related hunting accidents on Sundays. Supporters say that the ban is out-dated and needs to be lifted to allow hunters with only one day off a chance to practice the sport.

Nice Whitetail Mgnt article

Here's a nice article from Dr. James Kroll of NA Whitetail.

Part I

Part II

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tred Barta recovering from a stroke

Tred Barta is recovering from a recent stroke. I hope he makes a full recovery. I got to talk with Tred on a podcast for Versus TV just last summer. Although he completely disagreed with me, we wish him all the best. If I can find it, I'll post last summer's Versus podcast where ole Tred hammers on me.

Record Spring Turkey Harvest

Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet News Release
Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources
Hunters Take Record Number of Spring Turkeys

May 21, 2009

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky’s spring turkey hunters set a new state record this year. Hunters telechecked 29,006 birds during the 23-day season, which ended May 10. This surpassed the previous record of 28,797 birds in 2006.

“Despite the bad weather, turkey hunters are dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen,” said Karen Alexy, wildlife division director for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “They still got out there and made this the best season ever.”

Last summer, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife biologists recorded the highest number of poults, or turkey chicks, ever reported in the 25-year history of the department’s annual brood survey. This record turkey reproduction provided plenty of birds for hunters.

“We had more birds on the ground than probably at any time in modern history,” said Steven Dobey, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s turkey program coordinator. “Interest in turkey hunting continues to grow. That, combined with the record number of turkeys on the ground, resulted in a phenomenal season.”

Turkeys should produce another strong crop this year. Since only bearded turkeys are legal for harvest during the spring season, female birds were essentially protected and can now build on last year’s reproductive success.

“By early fall, we’ll have a post-harvest estimate of what the population looks like,” said Dobey. “I expect it to be great – those hens made it through the spring season and are nested now.”

Additionally, birds hatched in 2008 will be adult two-year-olds by next year’s spring turkey season. With a little help from nature, hunters should be in for another great harvest in 2010.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special Youth Only Elk Hunt

The special Youth Only Elk hunt results will be posted in the next couple of weeks. At least two youth hunters will be drawn to hunt the 2,300 acre Paul Van Booven WMA which is one of the premier elk hunting areas in Kentucky.

F&W modifies Elk Hunting Regs

F&W called a special meeting to change some elk hunting regs. The highlights are listed below:

**Subdividing Elk Hunt Unit 6, which is located in all or parts of Clay, Leslie, Harlan, Bell, Knox, Whitley and McCreary counties, will help more evenly distribute hunting pressure during the quota elk hunts. The subdivision would take effect this year.

**Commission members also recommended changes to the 2010 late season quota elk hunt. The hunts began last year to help control elk-related property damage. Hunters drawn for this hunt will come from the pool of regular hunt applicants who are also residents of the 16-county elk restoration zone. Hunters may also harvest a few spike bulls. The number of hunters to be drawn for this late season hunt has not yet been determined.

**The Commission also standardized the definition of a youth for elk hunting as “a person who has not reached their sixteenth birthday by the day of the hunt.” This regulation would not take effect until 2010. It would not affect youths drawn for the 2009 hunt.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Elk Lottery Results Posted

The 2009 Elk Lottery Results are posted tonight and we didn't get drawn...............CRAPOLA. See if you did here:

Dad's Turkey Hunt 2009

OK, here's my first attempt at videoing any type of hunting action. The action doesn't start until the 5:47 mark but I'm still learning how to edit. It's just a small bird but it was pretty cool to get on camera.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last week of Turkey 2009

This is the last week of the 2009 Kentucky Turkey Season. The hens are starting to nest so it should be a prime time for those gobblers to finally start gobbling on the ground. Warm weather should help things out this week after a horrible weekend. Good luck.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Elk Lottery deadline extended to May 3rd

KDFWR extended the elk lottery deadline through this weekend to May 3rd.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terrorists from PETA back at it

I guess I shouldn't keep giving them my 5 minutes to write it up but these people have lost their minds. Check out this story about PETA protesting the Chicken Dance at Talledega Motor Speedway. Yep, the freakin Chicken Dance. First, these tree huggin idiots should know better than to protest anything in Talledega, Alabama. They're luck to get out alive. They're mad because KFC is sponsering the event. First, I love me some KFC. It was founded in Kentucky #1 and I love their chicken strips and potato wedges. I'll be thinking about PETA tonight when I grill some wild turkey or maybe I'll head down to KFC for a nice chicken dinner.

My dad scores today

My dad scored on his first turkey of the year this morning. We had some big gobblers roosted but again they didn't gobble much on the roost and zero when they came down. A small gobbler wondered in around 7:45 and the big 3 1/2 inch magnum did work on a rediculously long shot. I'm not even going to say what we stepped it off at b/c it's not believable, but he absolutely hammered him. He had to lean and the blast knocked him out of his chair. I have video so hopefully I'll be able to upload it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Turkey Hunting Week Ahead..............

With the weather heating up starting on Thursday, it looks like this will be the ideal week for the gobbling to be red hot.

Reminder: there's only a few more days to snag your elk lottery chance!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don Shepherd with his Knox Co. Turkey

This is a really cool triple bearded bird killed by Don Shepherd of Knox Co. Check out the picture with all three beards. The first beard is 9 3/4 inches and the other two are two inches. That's a horse of a bird at 23 1/2 pounds. Thanks for sending this in!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Turkey 09 First morning

Not a ton of gobbling this morning. I could see 6 birds on the roost. All the gobblers flew out the back side of the slough where they were roosted because a hen came down early and put on a calling clinic. We had two jakes on either side of us but they were very leary of B-Mobile. I have a baseball game but my son, dad, and brother will be working it this afternoon.

If you got a bird and have any pictures, please send them to me to post at

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Luck

Good luck this weekend to all the turkey hunters. We've got 4 roosted for Saturday morning and the blind already set up. Saturday's weather looks great. Not so much for Sunday. Good luck everybody!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Countdown to the Elk Hunt Lottery

Deadline is April 30th. Get on the computer and spend 10 bucks on a chance at a once in a lifetime hunt.

1/2 Price Bats Tickets for KY Hunters and Fisherman

Nothing better than hunting and baseball.

Apr 10, 2009

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky hunters and anglers can get half-off Louisville Bats tickets during four baseball games April 14 and 19, and May 5 and 10. This is the first time the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has teamed up with the Bats, the AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will have informational booths set up at several locations at Louisville Slugger Field during the games. "I'm excited about this opportunity to partner with Kentucky's premiere minor league baseball team," said Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Jon Gassett. "Just like hunting, fishing and boating, baseball is an all-American sport that everyone can enjoy. I invite Kentucky's sportsmen and women to enjoy a fun evening at the baseball field and learn more about their Fish and Wildlife agency."Anyone who presents a current hunting or fishing license at the Louisville Slugger Field Box Office on these four game nights will receive half-price on up to four tickets. Hunting and fishing licenses will be available for sale from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at the events. Commissioner Gassett will throw the ceremonial first pitch on April 14. Other Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and state government officials will throw opening pitches at the other three games. There will also be a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife raffle for fishing gear at the games.For more information, including ticket prices and game times, visit the Louisville Bats website at

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little over a week til turkey season!

There's just a little over a week until turkey season fires up. It's a little difficult to figure out what's going on with them. There's been groups of gobblers still bunched up and gobblers with hens. We haven't seen a lot of strutting yet.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Press Release from F&W on Game Trails LLC fines......

I had written about this a few weeks back. Here is the official press release from F&W on some shady and illegal dealings from Game Trails.

Game Trails LLC, McTavish fined $50,000 for illegal deer kills

Apr 06, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – A Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources deer biologist who noticed discrepancies while analyzing 2006 hunter deer harvest data triggered an 18-month long state and federal law enforcement investigation that produced one of the largest wildlife penalties in state history last month in United States District Court, Owensboro.Game Trails, a more than 12,000-acre Limited Liability Corporation commercial hunting preserve in Union and Crittenden counties, controlled by sole proprietor owner and then Thompson/Center Arms President and CEO Gregg Ritz, and its site manager, William Dirk McTavish, Jr., 43, of Paducah, paid $50,000 in fines after pleading guilty to numerous misdemeanor violations of the Lacey Act of taking wildlife unlawfully, and for making false statements to Kentucky officers about the takings and interstate transporting of wildlife.United States Magistrate Judge E. Robert Goebel ordered that Game Trails LLC, pay a $35,000 fine and McTavish pay a $15,000 fine.Robert Christopher Helms, 40, of Booneville, Indiana, and a former Game Trails guide, faces up to five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to a felony count of threatening a federal witness. His sentencing is scheduled for June 11.Department wildlife and deer biologist David Yancy, in August 2007, noticed numerous inconsistencies while comparing and analyzing 2006 Telecheck deer harvest data with data that Game Trails LLC supplied to Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) in Georgia. Yancy and department Private Lands Wildlife Biologist Phillip Sharp raised these irregularities with Union County conservation officer Lt. Greg Noel. Noel, already familiar with Game Trails and the property, enlisted the help of Crittenden County officer Randy Conway. They began the lengthy process of reconciling the Telechecked deer harvest reports of Game Trails clients with information from QDMA.Their investigation turned up numerous instances of Game Trails employees, their friends and family chronically taking over-limits of deer, outside hunting season parameters, supplying false information to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and using social security numbers of Game Trails clients without their permission to Telecheck their deer harvests.State and federal officers seized hundreds of deer jawbones and documentation tying them to Game Trails from QDMA headquarters in Atlanta during the investigation. By sending the jawbones to another state, Game Trails was guilty of transporting illegally taken deer out of state and triggered the Lacey Act violations.Noel said that the property, bordered by about 4½ miles of Ohio River, was owned by Kimball International and leased to Ritz and sharecroppers. He said that the previous owner had used local draw hunting to manage the deer herd, but that Game Trails eliminated that practice because it interfered with its filming and big buck hunting routines. As a result, the herd grew quickly and Game Trails contacted QDMA to evaluate and make recommendations about improving the deer herd.Game Trails then supplied QDMA with completed data sheets and jawbones of harvested deer. It was this data, discovered during the investigation, which conflicted with Telecheck data.Noel says Game Trails has recently vacated the property and is moving its operations to Ohio.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Telecheck Number

As I've found out tonight, F&W's telecheck # isn't exactly easy to find on their website and I don't have a book with me. Here's the number so you don't have to get frustrating digging for it.


Special Day for Ole Dad

It was a fun afternoon for me and my dad as we both got to see my son get his first turkey today! Two young gobblers and a hen came in towards the decoys and then began to get a little spooked by the big B Mobile decoy. Ethan absolutely dropped him like a box of rocks at about 30 yards with my brother's 20 gauge Remington 870. I'm really proud of him because he continues to be patient and makes excellent decisions on the deer stand or in the turkey blind to only be closing in on 10 years old. I was thankful for the fog this morning as I had to stay home with my little princess because my wife is out of town. My wife is probably thankful tonight because I would have probably never forgiven her for making me miss it. Great day. Good job son and thanks to my dad for continuing to put us in these situations with hard work of scouting and putting out stands and blinds.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Special Youth Only Elk Hunt Announced by F&W

Here's the press release from F&W about the special Youth Only Elk Hunt for 2009 below. If you don't have time to read it, here are the highlights:

*5 permits will be issued.
*(either sex? The release doesn't say but that's what I have heard)
*The hunt will take place on the Paul Van Booven Wildlife Management Area in Breathitt County *Youth can apply for the permit during the month of April only.
*Three day hunt will take place Sept 26-28. The bulls should be getting fired up big time.
*Youth must be less than 16 years old on May 1.
*Remember, Youth must still use something at a .270 caliber or higher so they have to be big enough to handle such a weapon.
*This is a gun/bow/crossbow hunt. Doesn't matter what you choose to use.

This is definitely a once in a lifetime hunt on a property with numerous Boone and Crocket bulls. You would have to be absolutely crazy not to sign your son or daughter up for this opportunity!!!

Apr 02, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is opening one of the state’s best places to hunt elk for a special youth-only hunt in September.Five lucky youth hunters will have the opportunity to gun hunt in a 2,300-acre area normally reserved for bow hunting only. The site of the hunt, Paul Van Booven Wildlife Management Area in Breathitt County, has numerous mature bulls with trophy potential.“It’s one of our premiere spots for elk in the state,” said Tina Brunjes, who oversees Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s elk program. “It’s one of our earliest elk release sites, and it’s had limited hunting pressure on it since the elk program began.”Wildlife Division Director Karen Alexy said the area should provide young hunters the opportunity to take an elk of a lifetime. “We wanted to give youth hunters an opportunity to take a potential Boone and Crockett Club-class bull,” Alexy said. “We’re continually looking for new ways to get kids interested in hunting, and looked at this hunt as a good incentive.” Volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation have generously agreed to serve as guides for any hunter wishing assistance. The three-day youth hunt is set for Sept. 26-28.

Youth hunters must apply for the Youth WMA Elk Lottery online only during the month of April, the website of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. It costs $10 to apply. The drawing is open to Kentucky residents and non-residents.The quota hunt drawing is open to any applicant who will be less than 16 years old prior to May 1. Youths who turn 16 after the application period are still eligible for the hunt. All youth hunters should have the size, strength and maturity to safely handle and shoot a firearm, bow or crossbow. An adult must accompany any youth firearms elk hunter and be in the position to take immediate control of the gun.Youth hunters may also apply for the general elk hunt by paying an additional $10 application fee online at At least two youth hunters will be drawn for the general hunt.

The deadline to apply for Kentucky’s general elk hunt is April 30. Kentucky will issue 1,000 elk permits this year to residents and non-residents. The cost is $10 to apply. Applications are available online only at more information about elk hunting in Kentucky, visit the department’s website or call the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Information Center at 1-800-858-1549.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Youth Season-Good luck to all the boys and girls!

Can't wait. My dad said there were 8 big gobblers strutting this morning. My son should get a chance at one Saturday morning. Good luck to all the youth hunters. Hopefully, we'll have pics by Saturday afternoon. Please send any pics you'd like to have posted with or w/out stories to my e-mail.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sasquatch Jerky from is going to do a new product release on April 1 for the newest addition to their awesome jerky lineup...Sasquatch Jerky! I just got mine in the mail and it's UNBELIEVABLE!

Get yours:

Sasquatch Jerky

Monday, March 30, 2009

Terrorists from PETA attack in Kentucky


But it looks like the pothole protest is a bust.

"KFC is a great corporate citizen of ours. They employ lots of people in our town. They do great things for our hometown and we're glad to work with them on this pothole program. But PETA, ummm... not so much," said Poynter.

By the way PETA terrorist, I ate chicken for dinner tonight and it was delicious!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hogs in Kentucky

My dad and I were talking about the hogs in Kentucky this morning so I thought I'd write a little today on the situation. I can't believe the high number of hog sightings going on around the state. Just this fall, a friend of mine killed two about 3 miles from my house in Bullitt County. They looked to be of the razorback variety. When my son and I were hunting in LBL in October, we ran across tons of hog sign including a nice pile of sticky el crapo I had the pleasure of planting my boot right in while scouting. Growing up on a hog farm, I know first hand the total destruction that they can cause. After talking to some people in Nelson and Bullitt County, it sounds like Bernheim forest is home to at least a couple of thousand hogs at this point. I have also heard of large numbers around Fort Knox and other large pieces of property all around the state. I have heard numerous experts say that it is totally impossible to get rid of these hogs and that a population can double within 6 months. If that's the case, the future looks full of hog meat in our freezers and non-stop action trying to rid ourselves of these destructive creatures.

Have you seen any hogs in Kentucky?? Comment below.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Struck me as funny...............

From Deer and Deer Hunting.......................

D&DH "Geeks" From the forum comes this spin on a classic Jeff Foxworthy bit. "You might be a D&DH geek if...

"• You never ask people before showing them a picture of your most recent buck, but then ask, "Wanna see pictures of my kids, too?"

• Your idea of dinner and a movie is venison burgers and a deer hunting video.

• Your wallet contains a newspaper clipping of the most recent county by county deer harvest.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part two of Dr. Kroll's "What is Deer Management"

From NA Whitetail.

Idaho Sets Wolf Season

With everything quiet leading up to Kentucky's turkey season, here's a story from Idaho on their first wolf hunt. It is anticpated that the wolf will come off of federal protection. Finally, they can be controlled a little and maybe will stop the devastation of elk, moose, and deer herds out west.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Weeks to Youth Turkey

Youth-Only: April 4-5
General Season: April 18 - May 10

Hunters 16 and over must have a Spring Turkey Permit.

Kids ages 12-15 are eligible to purchase a Youth Turkey Permit, which is valid during any turkey season for one turkey. Youth hunters must abide by season bag limits and harvest restrictions but can use the youth permit throughout the license year. The Youth Sportsman’s License includes one Youth Turkey Permit.

Kids under the age of 12 are not required to have a hunting license or permit to hunt turkey, but must abide by season bag limits and harvest restrictions.

Little over a month to apply for the Elk Lottery

Just a reminder: Just over a month until the deadline to apply for the Kentucky elk lottery.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game Trails fined $35,000 for illegally killing does

Huge fine for Game Trails and their management for killing does illegally and also for using hunters SS numbers to telecheck the improper doe killing.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wolves Battle Rages on..............

You should already know my stance on wolves. This obviously isn't a Kentucky problem but the reintroduction of wolves really bothers me as they continue to destroy hunting in the west. Here's a couple of good posts from Deer and Deer Hunting:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a few more weeks until Youth Turkey

Boy, it's dead in the world of hunting right now. I've been seeing a ton of coyotes from the roads and have been seeing some big gobblers start to work the same fields in the afternoons already. Thank goodness for some hunting. Just a couple more weeks until the youth turkey season. Heck yeah!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

F&W aquires and opens 1,112 acres in Breck Co.

This 1,112 acres will be a part of the Yellowbank WMA. I may be wrong, but I think this 1,000 acres was a part of the "Sturgis" property which I believe was a 20,000 + acre major hunting property ran by Thompson Center sold in 4 plots. Somebody may have to check me on that. Either way, it's big time hunting property on the Ohio River.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Opens More Than 1,000 Acresto Public in Breckinridge County
Mar 12, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – More than 1,000 acres of highly coveted hunting ground in Breckinridge County is now open to the public.The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources today announced the acquisition of 1,112 acres of property near the Ohio River, formerly owned by Kimball International Inc. The new Town Creek Tract will join the existing 5,666 acres of Yellowbank Wildlife Management Area (WMA).“I’m just tickled to death that we were able to get this property, and the sportsmen and sportswomen will be happy with it, too,” said Third District Fish and Wildlife Commission Member Tony Brown. “We were interested in it because of the diversity it offers – it has access to the Ohio River, gives people a place to duck hunt, and has plenty of timber for deer and turkeys.”Karen Alexy, wildlife division director for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, noted the property is located close to the Louisville area. “This acquisition is important because it provides more hunting opportunity within easy driving distance of the state’s biggest city,” she said. “This is part of the department’s continuing goal to provide more opportunities for hunters and anglers.”The property includes old field habitats as well as hundreds of acres of oak and hickory trees on steep to moderate slopes. The area supports abundant populations of squirrel, turkey and deer.The new acreage also includes a large backwater embayment of the Ohio River. An overgrown boat ramp on the property will be improved for use, and plans call for construction of two parking lots.Access is available at the Town Creek Bridge at KY 144, and off Holt Road near Stephensport. The new property, located east of KY 144, is not connected to the remainder of Yellowbank WMA. A map of the area is available online at Hunting seasons and regulations will be the same as the main tract of Yellowbank WMA. The area is open under statewide regulations for all squirrel, furbearer and turkey seasons. Rabbit and quail seasons will be open from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31. Deer season will be open statewide for archery, crossbow and youth firearms seasons. Bucks must have an outside antler spread of at least 15 inches.The Town Creek Tract is open to foot traffic only. For more information, contact Area Manager Ryan Taylor at (270) 547-6856, or the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Information Center at 1-800-858-1549.

Terrorists from PETA Never Stop............

Check out this article from

PETA Trying to get Pennsylvania to ban youth hunting.

Never one to waste an opportunity, no matter how tragic, PETA exploited a local murder in order to advance its anti-hunting agenda.

On February 24, 2009 PETA sent a letter to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell urging him to support legislation making it illegal for those under 18 to hunt. The letter comes on the heels of allegations that an 11-year-old boy from Wampum shot and killed his father's pregnant girlfriend with a youth-model shotgun. The letter suggests that hunting leads to violence among children. The tactic of pushing hunting bans after tragic events is nothing new to PETA. The letter to Governor Rendell mirrors a similar effort by the group in November 2008. At the time, PETA urged then-Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to push for similar legislation after a 9-year-old boy allegedly murdered his father and another man with a .22 caliber rifle. “There is not a single shred of evidence indicating hunting had anything to do with this attack,” stated USSA Senior Vice President Rick Story.

Check out Tim Tipton Outdoors Blog

Tim Tipton has been a freelance outdoor writer since 1992. His magazine work has been featured in many national and regional publications including Bassmaster, In-Fisherman, FLW Outdoors, Fishing Facts, Kentucky Game & Fish, Kentucky Afield, Tennessee Valley Outdoors and many others. Tim is currently a contributing editor to Midwest Outdoors. He has been a member of the Bassmaster Classic Press Corps, Red Man All-American Press Corps and the Southeast Outdoor Press Association. He is a member of the Kentucky Outdoor Press Association.

Check out Tim's blog. He's a great outdoor writer. I hope one day I can get something published in just one of these magazines.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

KDFWR Releases Deer Season dates and changes

KDFWR release the deer season dates and changes today. A couple of interesting changes include moving Breck and Meade counties to Zone 3. The gun season will be later than usual opening November 14th. They also cancelled one Taylorsville Lake hunt and made the other quota hunts on Taylorsville antlerless only.

Here are all the dates listed below from Fish and Wildlife:

Frankfort, Ky. – The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission proposed the 2009-2010 deer season dates and recommended deer zone changes at its quarterly meeting March 6.The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission recommends all hunting, fishing and boating regulations for approval by the General Assembly and approves all expenditures by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. All recommendations must be approved by legislators before they become law.

The 2009-2010 Deer Seasons:Statewide All Zones:
**Archery (either sex) – September 5, 2009 – January 18, 2010
**Crossbow (either sex) – October 1 – 18 and November 14 – December 31, 2009
**Early Youth Weekend (either sex) – October 10 -11, 2009
**Early Muzzleloader (Zones 1, 2 and 3 either sex, Zone 4 antlered only) – October 17-18, 2009
**Late Muzzleloader (either sex) – December 12-20, 2009
**Late Youth Weekend (either sex) – December 26-27, 2009
**Zones 1 & 2: Modern Firearms (either sex) – November 14 - 29, 2009
**Zones 3 & 4: Modern Firearms (Zone 3 either sex, Zone 4 antlered deer only)– November 14 - 23, 2009

Bag limits remain the same as last year. The Commission proposed changing Meade and Breckinridge counties from Zone 2 to Zone 3 and also recommended reinstating antlerless deer harvest for the first six days of the December muzzleloader season in Zone 4 counties. The Commission also recommended changes for deer hunting on state parks and wildlife management areas (WMAs). They proposed opening the Kentucky River WMA to youth firearms deer seasons and designating the November firearms quota deer hunt on Taylorsville Lake WMA as antlerless only. At West Kentucky WMA, the Commission recommended lowering the number of quota and open hunt slots from 300 for both hunts to 240 participants for the quota hunt and 200 for the open hunt. The open gun deer hunt on the area will move from the second to the third weekend after Thanksgiving. At Clay WMA, the Commission proposed awarding a preference point to quota hunters who harvest a doe. The Dennis-Gray WMA will have the same hunting regulations as the adjacent Green River Lake WMA. At Paul Van Booven WMA, the Commission recommended to allow hunting for deer during the late muzzleloader deer season and institute a 15-inch minimum spread restriction on antlered deer.

The Kentucky Department of Parks canceled the quota deer hunts at Taylorsville Lake State Park and Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park. The number of slots for mobility-impaired quota hunts at Zilpo and Twin Knobs Campgrounds on Cave Run Lake will be reduced from 30 to 24. The Wendell Ford Training Center in west Kentucky is closed to general public deer hunting.

The next Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting will be held at 8 a.m., Friday, June 12, at #1 Sportsman’s Lane off U.S. 60 in Frankfort. Persons interested in addressing the Commission must notify Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s Commissioner’s office in writing at least 30 days in advance to be considered for placement on the meeting agenda. People who are hearing impaired and plan to attend the meeting should contact Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at least 10 days in advance and the agency will provide a translator. To request to address the commission, write to KDFWR, Commissioner Dr. Jon Gassett, #1 Sportsman’s Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

NAW Deer of the Day-Kentucky Freak

North American Whitetail Deer of the Day from Marshall County killed by David Simmons.

Youth Turkey just a month away

It's slow going in the hunting world right now. I haven't gotten out on any coyotes or looking for sheds. Youth turkey is just a month away now though so that's something to look forward to. The gobblers are bunched up. We're starting to see big groups move back in so I'm getting pumped up. My son will be looking for turkey #1 this season.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get your elk lottery drawing-Two months to go.....

You've got less than two months left to get your elk lottery ticket. The deadline to apply is April 30th.

Kentucky Brothers finish in top 5 in World Archery Festival

Nice article from F&W. These two brothers got their start in the National Archery in the Schools Program.

Kentucky Archers Finish in Top Five atWorld Archery Festival
Mar 03, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – Two Kentucky archers recently posted high finishes at the World Archery Festival held Feb. 6-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Graham and Grady Cofield of Trigg County, brothers who both got their start in Kentucky’s National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), each placed in the top five in their classifications. The Festival was sponsored by the National Field Archery Association and featured nearly 1,500 shooters competing for more than $500,000 in prize money.Competitors shot 30 arrows each day of the three-day competition, with a bull’s-eye worth 10 points. Graham Cofield, a junior at Murray State University and four-time NASP state and national champion, took second place in the Freestyle Limited Compound Championship. He scored 878 points out of a possible 900 and hit the bull’s-eye 49 times. This is his fifth year competing in the Las Vegas tournament.“I don’t necessarily like the big city, but I like the shooting part, anyway,” Cofield said. “In the class I shoot in, there are several people right at the top. I guess I got lucky this time.”Grady Cofield took third place in his flight of the Freestyle Limited competition. Cofield is a senior at Trigg County High School. “I think he did awfully well,” said Graham Cofield. “I believe he was pretty happy with it.”This isn’t the first year the Cofields have finished at the top of their divisions. “Last year, Grady won his division and Graham finished fourth,” said Jennie Richardson, Kentucky’s state NASP coordinator. “Very seldom does an archer finish in the top five in two consecutive years. The competition is that stiff.”Richardson said more than 10 other Kentucky NASP shooters competed in this year’s World Archery Festival.This year’s National Archery in the Schools Program state championship tournament is set for March 17 at the International Convention Center in Louisville.

Commish Tag goes for $11,000

Word is that the 2009 Commish Tag auctioned at the GRC RMEF went for $11,000. I think it went for about $20,000 last year but it's still good money for the program. It was a fully guided hunt. It's really similar money you'd pay out west on a private ranch for a fully guided hunt in a good area. Congrats to the high bidder and thanks for supporting Kentucky's elk program.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My dad scored his buck today............

That big dude grossed 158. One beam was 25 1/2 inches. Inside spread of a little over 21. He just lacked the mass to score B&C. That one is coming for one of us next season!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rowan Co Poacher Busted!

A Rowan County man is awaiting arraignment after conservation officers charged him Feb. 20 with a total of 48 counts, including illegally killing deer, cultivating and trafficking in marijuana and drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, pills in improper containers and trapping without a license.Officers arrested Kevin Watkins, 35, of Morehead at his residence and lodged him in the Rowan County Detention Center.

Officers executed a search warrant after Conservation Officer Glenn Kitchen received a tip that Watkins had killed three deer illegally.During the search, Kitchen, joined by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Captain Paul Teague, Sergeant Herb Booth and Conservation Officers Loren Clark and Andrew Black, seized 94 sets of deer antlers, seven marijuana plants, indoor grow lights, a cloning system, 16 bags of processed marijuana totaling nearly 1½ pounds, more than 100 pills in plastic bags, four sets of weighing scales, 19 firearms and $1,251 in cash.

Nice catch by the conservation officers. If you suspect someone of poaching, Call 800-25-ALERT to Report a law violation.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gun-a-Week from Pass It On

Next week, Pass It On is going to give away the 1st of 54 guns! Some lucky winner will win a Franchi Deluxe 48 AL 20 gauge shotgun!

Pass It On is going to be giving away a gun every week for 50 weeks. And someone is guaranteed to win at least 2 guns as they put all of the winners in a hat at the end and draw for a bonus gun!

Get your ticket TODAY! For a $50 donation, you will get 1 ticket that is entered into each of the 52 weekly drawing. For a $100 donation, you will get 3 tickets!If you would prefer to use your credit card, just give Mike a call at 316-290-8883. Or you can mail your donation to the address below.But don’t wait too long…that nice 20 gauge is gonna have a new home next week!

Thanks for supporting Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors!

Mike ChristensenPass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc.310 E 2ndWichita, KS 67202316-290-8883

Southern Sportsman's Expo

The First Annual Southern Sportsman’s Expo scheduled for Feb 28, 2009.

The Southern Sportsman’s Expo will be geared to hunters, fisherman and the outdoors enthusiast. At the expo there will be vendors, seminar speakers and activities for all outdoorsmen.

The Southern Sportsman’s Expo will be held at the Western Kentucky University Ag Expo located at 406 Elrod Rd, Bowling Green, KY.

8 Tips for small property from

Nice article that applies to turkey and deer from

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Butler County Giant 249 6/8"

The giant buck killed in Butler Co. has been officially scored at 249 6/8" which will put it #2 all time non-typical in Kentucky. What a monster.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Pineapple Jerky from

I got in my pineapple jerky from I'd take some pictures of the pineapple jerky in the package but I've already eaten it all. I found my self getting up Sunday night at 10 til midnight and snatching up a piece. The stuff is unbelievable. The packaging is great to keep the fruit fresh. I'm not sure how long because I ate it too quickly. Do yourself a favor and check out and get some of the pineapple jerky or any of their jerky.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time to buy a new hunting and fishing license

Reminder that hunting and fishing licenses will expire February 28th. You can purchase your new license here:

A couple of important notes:

1. Migratory bird hunters must have a migratory bird permit or a waterfowl permit in addition to the hunting license.

2. Sportsman License - Includes Combination Hunting and Fishing License, Resident Deer Permit, Spring Turkey Permit, Resident Fall Turkey Permit, State Waterfowl Permit and Trout Permit

3. Jr. Sportsman License – Includes Jr. Hunting, Jr. Deer and Jr. Turkey permits. Available to residents and nonresidents who have not yet reached their 16th birthday. Valid for the entire year in which issued, even if the license holder turns 16 during that year. Parent or guardian must sign the license at the time of purchase. Children under the age of 12 are license exempt (effective with the 2008 license season)

4. Joint Fishing (husband-wife)** - Available only to Kentucky residents. Costs 10% less than two fishing licenses bought separately.

5. Waterfowl Permit - Required to hunt ducks, coots, mergansers, and geese. Also covers migratory game birds. Required of hunters over age 16. NOTE: Waterfowl hunters must also possess a federal duck stamp, available at Post Offices. May be used in conjunction with a one or five-day nonresident or a one day resident hunting license.

6. Migratory Game Bird Permit - Required to hunt doves, woodcocks, snipes, rails and gallinules. May be used in conjunction with a one or five-day nonresident or a one day resident hunting license.

7. Elk Lottery Permit - Persons who wish to hunt in the 2009 Elk Quota Hunt shall purchase an elk draw permit. The department shall select hunters by a random drawing of all valid elk draw permit holders. Hunters must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. A person cannot apply more than one time per application period. The permit will be sold until 4/30/2009.

8. Resident Out-of-Zone Elk Permit – Entitles hunters who wish to hunt Elk out of the elk restoration zone during deer season to take one elk. Hunter must be a legal deer hunter.

NOTE: Items above marked with an ** may NOT be purchased by phone or on-line, but may only be purchased through a license agent