Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. Let's hope 2010 will be a great year for hunting and fishing in the Bluegrass. My 2009 was a great one as a dad as my son finally connected on his first turkey and his 3rd buck. Other than that, it was slow! Let's hope foor great things in 2010! Good luck to everyone.


tony said...

really nicHe site you have here. if you want to expand your exposure submit your blog post to the, it’s free. We’d love to have your sport’s contributions. be sure to select two categories, "recent articles" this way it will show on front page for while, then the category of post.... if we don't have it we will add it for you.
we are from WV!!!

GMo said...

Sounds good. Big day for WV today if you are a WVU fan. Bowl game and a big basketball game.

Unknown said...

ALASKAN Hello Kentuckians and Happy New Year! Scotty Lamkin here formerly from Meade County, Ky. Moved to Alaska 30 years ago and became a professional guide. I would like to post some Brown Bear hunt photos, How to Hunt Alaska on your own and other stories on this site during the New Year if any of you are interested I would be happy to do it!

GMo said...

absolutely. Shoot me an e-mail w/ the post at and I'll get them on.

Thanks, GJ