Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I learned this season............

Every time you go out in the woods or fields, you learn something about deer hunting. Every season, you learn something too. Usually, by next season, you forget it because your blinded by excitement like a kid sprinting down the steps on Christmas morning.

Here are a few things I learned this season that I'd forgotten before the season started:

1. No matter how many big bucks you see in the summer time or on camera, you won't see that many during hunting season.

2. If you get that one 10 second chance at a really big buck, you darn well better take advantage because you usually won't get another one.

3. Appreciate neighbors that kill a few deer here and there and have stands on your property line because they could sell to guys who let everybody hunt and kill every deer they see.

4. The weather is more than unpredictable in the Bluegrass and it gets crazier every year.

5. You should hunt hard in the early season while the bucks are grouped up.

more to come later...............

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