Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kentucky Conservation Coalition Newsletter

Still No gun hunting on Sunday in NC

Still don't understand states not allowing Sunday hunting. If Kentucky ever attempted this.....I'd move.

After a measure floating through North Carolina to lift the ban on hunting with guns on Sundays was voted down on Tuesday by the state’s Senate judiciary committee, supporters must wait another two to three years to try and bring the measure back to the Senate floor.

Outdoor News reports that the committee chair changed his mind about the reversal after hearing the opposition to the ban.

The opposition to lifting the ban would like North Carolina outdoor lovers to be free from gun-related hunting accidents on Sundays. Supporters say that the ban is out-dated and needs to be lifted to allow hunters with only one day off a chance to practice the sport.

Nice Whitetail Mgnt article

Here's a nice article from Dr. James Kroll of NA Whitetail.

Part I

Part II

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tred Barta recovering from a stroke

Tred Barta is recovering from a recent stroke. I hope he makes a full recovery. I got to talk with Tred on a podcast for Versus TV just last summer. Although he completely disagreed with me, we wish him all the best. If I can find it, I'll post last summer's Versus podcast where ole Tred hammers on me.

Record Spring Turkey Harvest

Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet News Release
Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources
Hunters Take Record Number of Spring Turkeys

May 21, 2009

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky’s spring turkey hunters set a new state record this year. Hunters telechecked 29,006 birds during the 23-day season, which ended May 10. This surpassed the previous record of 28,797 birds in 2006.

“Despite the bad weather, turkey hunters are dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen,” said Karen Alexy, wildlife division director for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “They still got out there and made this the best season ever.”

Last summer, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife biologists recorded the highest number of poults, or turkey chicks, ever reported in the 25-year history of the department’s annual brood survey. This record turkey reproduction provided plenty of birds for hunters.

“We had more birds on the ground than probably at any time in modern history,” said Steven Dobey, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s turkey program coordinator. “Interest in turkey hunting continues to grow. That, combined with the record number of turkeys on the ground, resulted in a phenomenal season.”

Turkeys should produce another strong crop this year. Since only bearded turkeys are legal for harvest during the spring season, female birds were essentially protected and can now build on last year’s reproductive success.

“By early fall, we’ll have a post-harvest estimate of what the population looks like,” said Dobey. “I expect it to be great – those hens made it through the spring season and are nested now.”

Additionally, birds hatched in 2008 will be adult two-year-olds by next year’s spring turkey season. With a little help from nature, hunters should be in for another great harvest in 2010.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special Youth Only Elk Hunt

The special Youth Only Elk hunt results will be posted in the next couple of weeks. At least two youth hunters will be drawn to hunt the 2,300 acre Paul Van Booven WMA which is one of the premier elk hunting areas in Kentucky.

F&W modifies Elk Hunting Regs

F&W called a special meeting to change some elk hunting regs. The highlights are listed below:

**Subdividing Elk Hunt Unit 6, which is located in all or parts of Clay, Leslie, Harlan, Bell, Knox, Whitley and McCreary counties, will help more evenly distribute hunting pressure during the quota elk hunts. The subdivision would take effect this year.

**Commission members also recommended changes to the 2010 late season quota elk hunt. The hunts began last year to help control elk-related property damage. Hunters drawn for this hunt will come from the pool of regular hunt applicants who are also residents of the 16-county elk restoration zone. Hunters may also harvest a few spike bulls. The number of hunters to be drawn for this late season hunt has not yet been determined.

**The Commission also standardized the definition of a youth for elk hunting as “a person who has not reached their sixteenth birthday by the day of the hunt.” This regulation would not take effect until 2010. It would not affect youths drawn for the 2009 hunt.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Elk Lottery Results Posted

The 2009 Elk Lottery Results are posted tonight and we didn't get drawn...............CRAPOLA. See if you did here:

Dad's Turkey Hunt 2009

OK, here's my first attempt at videoing any type of hunting action. The action doesn't start until the 5:47 mark but I'm still learning how to edit. It's just a small bird but it was pretty cool to get on camera.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last week of Turkey 2009

This is the last week of the 2009 Kentucky Turkey Season. The hens are starting to nest so it should be a prime time for those gobblers to finally start gobbling on the ground. Warm weather should help things out this week after a horrible weekend. Good luck.