Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bluegrass Hunting...What Needs to be Fixed?

I feel like we've got the best Fish and Wildlife Department in the US here in the Bluegrass State. But, as with everything, I have a wish list of items I'd like to be changed. Here's my list in no particular order.

1. The Elk Program: I wish me or a family member would get drawn again. Kidding of course. No, I'd like to see that happen but that's not the problem. Obviously, in talking to Eastern Kentuckians, they feel that the elk are somewhat of a problem or hassle. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing residents of the 16 county area have a slightly better chance of being drawn. Secondly, I'd like to see a seperate bull/cow lottery drawing. I'll have to research the numbers, but I'd say that many people who get drawn for cows, don't go. I feel like it would raise more money for F&W. Fix it F&W.

2. Crossbow Season: I just don't understand the crossbow season. Why have a short crossbow season in October and not open it back up until the regular gun season. My son sure can't shoot a compound bow yet and there was a month he couldn't hunt. If you shoot a crossbow over 30 to 40 yards (same as a compound bow), you shouldn't be shooting. Fix that F&W.

3. Bow season opens too early: Just my opinion. I'd like to see the end of September or Oct. 1. Probably not a popular opinion. Just not sure how dove and deer can open so close together.

4. More Youth Hunting: I'd love to see more Quota Youth only hunts. Just a thought.

5. Deer stand placement: Deer stands should be at least 50 yards from property lines. Why should a neighbor place a stand right on the property line overlooking a corn field?? Shouldn't be able to happen.

6. Stiffer penalties for tresspassing: Hate me some tresspassers.

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