Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poachers Caught, F&W Looking for More

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Reward Offered For Information On Weekend Poaching Of Three Elk In Bell County

Nov 16, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife law enforcement officers are seeking information about the weekend poaching of three young bull elk in Bell County and are offering a reward for the information.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Dr. Jon Gassett has authorized a reward up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who shot and killed the three elk Saturday on top of Redbird Mountain, located off KY 66.

State Fish and Wildlife officers say witnesses saw an elk fall, then spotted two more dead elk as they approached the first animal. The witnesses also saw two other persons approach the downed elk, then turn and leave the area.

The officers immediately opened an investigation and recovered several pieces of evidence, including ballistic evidence.

Persons with information are encouraged to contact Bell County state conservation officer Sgt. Ray Lawson at (606) 499-3520, or the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife poaching hotline at 1-800- 25-ALERT.

Two Christian County Poachers Caught After Nearly A Year

Nov 17, 2009

Frankfort, Ky. – Resolute determination and a timely tip from a local citizen helped Christian County Conservation Sgt. James Nason close a deer poaching case last week, just three days before the statue of limitations on the charges would have expired.

Two Christian County men entered guilty pleas Monday, Nov. 16, in Christian District Court to charges related to killing a deer on the day prior to the 2008 firearms season opener and then Telechecking it one day later as if it were a legal kill.

Chris Brown, 28, of Hopkinsville, and his father-in-law, Sammy Gilliam, 55, of Pembroke, pleaded guilty in the poaching of a Boone and Crockett Club trophy class white-tailed buck. Brown admitted poaching the deer out of season and then illegally Telechecking it a day later, while Gilliam pleaded guilty to assisting Brown after the kill.

Telecheck is a system used by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife for hunters to report their game harvest by telephone.

Nason said he had been aware of the poaching for quite some time. But it was information he received from a community member during last month’s muzzleloader deer season that allowed him to seek arrest warrants for Brown and Gilliam.

Brown and Gilliam each paid fines and court costs of $409. In addition, Brown received a 30-day jail sentence that was probated for two years. He also forfeited his deer rifle, the mounted deer and was stripped of his hunting privileges for two years. Gilliam lost his hunting privileges for one year.

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