Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Larry Weishuhn Versus Country Podcast.............Listen Now

Here is the podcast with Larry Weishuhn from Versus Country TV. Hope I didn't sound too stupid when I asked my Kentucky deer hunting question. I believe I am 2nd question of the podcast around the 6 minute mark. Mr. Weishuhn actually had a fantastic answer and sounded very excited about his Kentucky whitetail experiences. The podcast is very interesting and informative. Please give it a listen.

Also, check out Versus Country this hunting season. I love the hunting on Versus. In addition to Mr. Whitetail, I'm a huge fan of The Bucks of Tecomate with David Morris.

Just copy and paste these to your browser or click on the links to the right.

Part 1- http://versuscountry.podomatic.com/entry/2009-09-14T13_01_02-07_00

Part 2- http://versuscountry.podomatic.com/entry/2009-09-14T12_56_52-07_00

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