Saturday, April 4, 2009

Special Day for Ole Dad

It was a fun afternoon for me and my dad as we both got to see my son get his first turkey today! Two young gobblers and a hen came in towards the decoys and then began to get a little spooked by the big B Mobile decoy. Ethan absolutely dropped him like a box of rocks at about 30 yards with my brother's 20 gauge Remington 870. I'm really proud of him because he continues to be patient and makes excellent decisions on the deer stand or in the turkey blind to only be closing in on 10 years old. I was thankful for the fog this morning as I had to stay home with my little princess because my wife is out of town. My wife is probably thankful tonight because I would have probably never forgiven her for making me miss it. Great day. Good job son and thanks to my dad for continuing to put us in these situations with hard work of scouting and putting out stands and blinds.

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RoseFan said...

This kid does it all. Scores 30 points in basketball games. Throws no hitters in baseball games. Hits the ball lights out at the plate and now in his spare time he puts supper on the table for Mom and Dad. Wow is this the real Superman.