Sunday, August 16, 2009

Elk Draw...........My Take

I absolutely love the elk program in the state. A lot of people in eastern Kentucky do not. I probably like it a lot more because I was drawn back in 2005 and killed the very first bull from Martin Co. While all these meetings are being called for hunters' opinions on the deer program, I have a few for the elk program.

Many Eastern Kentuckians complain that they have to put up with the headaches the elk bring to their area such as crop damage and pushing out deer, but don't get drawn for tags. 1) I have no problem letting residents from the 16 county elk restoration area have at least double the chance of draw. 2) I'd also like to see a separate bull/cow draw. First, it would generate more revenue for Fish and Wildlife. Secondly, everybody would actually show up to hunt the elk. I haven't looked at all the numbers yet but I'd be shocked if everyone hunted cows who got drawn for a cow tag. 3) As in every hunting season, I'd like to see more opportunity for the youth hunters of the state. This year, only two tags were reserved for youth hunters. That just doesn't cut it.

I'm sure as the program continues to grow and develop, Fish and Wildlife will continue to make changes. Let's hope they make changes for the positive.

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