Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ligislative Update from F&W

Check out the legislation update from The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. Not much to see. I am interested in HB 242 that you can read below. It proposes stiffer penalties on trespassing and hunting without permission. I think this is very important because it's a huge safety concern especially when I'm hunting with kids. It's important to know who's near and exactly where those other hunters are.

HB 242
(BR 908)
AN ACT relating to hunting and fishing violations.

Amend KRS 150.990 to propose that a license (or privilege for license exempt) would be revoked upon the 2nd offense—current law does not allow until 3rd offense. KDFWR also proposes that upon the 3rd and subsequent offenses, the existing license or privilege revocation would be increased from one year to two years. If a person is retrieving hunting dogs and is NOT HUNTING, the person shall not be subject to the license forfeiture provisions on the second offense.

Enhanced penalties economically discourage trespassing and hunting without permission. Enhanced penalties reflect seriousness of violations and serves to protect the landowner’s rights.

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