Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great QDM research from Deer and Deer Hunting

Take 5 minutes and 13 seconds to watch this video from Deer and Deer Hunting. It's very interesting because it's a problem many of us in Kentucky face. There are a lot of 200 acre and less farms that we hunt on. In fact, the place I hunt is about 220 acres and it's a question I asked of David Morris on the Versus Country Podcast last summer. The video talks about some people's QDM of small properties (LIKE MY DAD'S). It said that research shows that bucks will disperse to other properties. It says that a 200 acre property will propably only hold 1 to 2 140+ class deer because of breeding competition. This tells me that I better take advantage of the early season bow season while I'm seeing all these big bucks.

Great video: Take a look.

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