Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ashley Judd needs to hush that mouth

I've always liked Ashley Judd because she's a UK graduate a Big Blue supporter but now I think she just needs to shut her mouth and go back to watching her husband race cars. Judd went on Larry King last night and blasted Sarah Palin's hunting and Alaska's killing of wolves from helicopters. First, Judd knows absolutely NOTHING about Alaska's wildlife management and the damage the wolves are doing to wildlife like elk, moose, and deer. I've never been a wolf supporter and absolutely hate the fact that they were reintroduced in the lower 48. She's mainly taking a national stage to bash Palin for her publicity of hunting and females in hunting during the election. I have a couple words for Ashely Judd: go back to Hollywood and shut your mouth.


Bluegrass Pundit said...

Ashley Judd is an idiot

Ashley Judd has become an embarrassment to the state of Kentucky. If you have ever watched Jerry Springer or America's Dumbest Criminals, you realize how difficult that is to do. She has stopped drinking the cool aid and started eating the powder straight from the package. In September she declared that “a woman who votes for McCain-Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Saunders.” Now she is in an ad for a far left animal rights group protesting Governor Palin´s support for aerial wolf hunting. Ashley Judd seems to still be suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome.

GMo said...

I agree. This woman obviously doesn't remember where she is from.