Monday, December 29, 2008

Kentucky Outfitters-Western Kentucky Outdoors

Western Kentucky Outdoors offers both hunting and fishing trips in western Kentucky. They will get you in the right place for big bucks, turkey, waterfowl, or fish. I love the fact that they offer fresh trail cam pics as well as trophies from the current season. For deer hunting, WKO hunts over 3,000 acres across three Kentucky counties. WKO offers reasonable and I'd even go to the extreme and say cheap prices as compared to most outfitters for their hunting. Check out WKO's website for their trophy room, trail cam pics, and all their many services.

"We want to shake your hand when you arrive and be able to do the same when you leave. This cannot be accomplished unless you have a hunt that is enjoyable regardless of success." Bill Cartwright, owner.

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