Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas...........Affordable, Quality Brands

There are so many hunting products out there and I'd love to have them all but there are some brands I love because they are affordable and have quality products. I love the Moultrie Scouting Cameras. You can't beat the Moutrie and even better, you can get it for $98 on Why pay $200 to $300 for a camera? If you want to spend any extra money, buy a good lock and chain so no one steals it. Another product I love is my Cabela's range finder. I paid $135 for it. I guess I could've bought one for $300 but I've seen them side by side, and I wouldn't trade mine for any of them. Lastly, my son's $40 Bushnell binoculars are hard to beat. My dad has some $300+ binos and the first time I looked through them, I thought they were the best pair I'd ever seen. Then, I bought my son these for C-Mas last year just for him to have some and I was shocked by the quality.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping. Be careful and compare before you drop a ton of dough. You might be able to put that extra $ toward a hunting trip!

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