Thursday, January 13, 2011

GLACIER GLOVE from Glacier Outdoor

I got my new Glacier Gloves in the mail this week and they are pretty awesome. I love the way they feel and the Realtree AP HD Camo pattern. After Tuesday night in the snow, I love the fact they are water proof because my hands were so miserable that I couldn't feel my release. The Patented touchrite technolody makes squeezing the trigger easy. My favorite feature is that they are long enough to fit up under the sleeve of my jacket and not let any snow or water slip in.

Hunters don’t just rely on their instincts; they also rely on their gear. Glacier Outdoor, a Nevada-based outdoor outlet, understands how important gear is to a hunter because the owners grew up perfecting the art of hunting. Everything they produce is crafted by their experiences, understanding, and love of outdoor adventure.

Their most recent hunting glove, the Aleutian Hunting Glove, is no different. In fact, it’s a culmination of what they’ve learned about hunting gear over the years. The glove provides unparalleled dexterity and warmth, and is in Realtree AP HD, an attribute that allows its owner to blend in with increased efficiency. It’s also waterproof and contains both a neoprene and fleece lining.

Hunters rely on their gear, and the Aleutian Hunting Glove won’t let them down.


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