Friday, January 8, 2010

Braving the COLD!

Archery Deer Season lasts until January 18th so time is winding down on the 2009-10 season. I decided to brave the cold tonight for the first time in a few weeks. I couldn't quite decide on a stand location today with the blowing snow. I sat on the edge of some beans, then decided to move. I drew on a big doe but couldn't get a clear shot and had some issues with my peep site. I turned later to see the biggest buck of my lifetime standing about 15 yards from my first ground set up. The deer was unreal. I've been pretty fortunate to see a lot of big deer in my life but today was by far the biggest. With a rifle, it would have been record books for ole me. But, like my luck has went so many times in recent years, it was just getting a beautiful look at another monster.

UPDATE: no dice in the cold and snow yesterday. I saw 29 does/fawns but the big buck didn't show himself. I was trying to get a doe that walks with a pretty bad limp but she's sharp.


Wayne said...

Great blog. I read an article recently about a guy that has killed 4 monsters over 170 B&C. He finds them by watching the does. He uses cameras to figure out which are the oldest does. Apparently those go through estrus over a month earlier than the others. He claims these bigger bucks prefer the older does. What do you think? Ever notice anything like that?

GMo said...

Never noticed really. I've been lucky to have some excellent places to hunt in my life. You'd never know it by what I've put on my wall but w/ my dad, my brother, and now my son, it's pretty impressive. You usually go through a season and get 1 or 2 10-30 second chances at a really mature big boy if you hunt enough. That's interesting.