Saturday, December 11, 2010

Found My Deer

Kind of a rough morning. The kind where you just want to sit down and cry, but I figured out why I haven't seen the two big boys I've been hunting all season. I found them locked together about 100 yards from my stand. Rough scored them at over 180 and around 160. What I thought was the big 9 on film turned out to have 10 scorable points and some small points coming off his bases. What I thought was the big double drop tined 14 pointer on film, turned out to have 13 scorable points. He had broken his kicker on top and had another small drop tine coming off the tip of his beam. The buck on the left was 21 inches wide and had two 14 inch points, and his main beams were over 26 inches. The double drop tine buck was only 15 inches wide but the points were really long. What a shame, but at least I figured out why I haven't seen them.

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