Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a few more weeks until Youth Turkey

Boy, it's dead in the world of hunting right now. I've been seeing a ton of coyotes from the roads and have been seeing some big gobblers start to work the same fields in the afternoons already. Thank goodness for some hunting. Just a couple more weeks until the youth turkey season. Heck yeah!


Unknown said...

Ya, I'm pretty disappointed that my daughter and I wont be here for youth season. She will be playing softball in Gulf Shores Al., but we will be here for opening weekend and man I cant wait.

GMo said...

That stinks. My 9 year old will probably have to go with my dad b/c my wife has decided to go out of town w/ her friends. Crapppy timing. He'll probably kill his first turkey and I won't be there. Disgusting.