Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PETA trying to get attention again.

The terrorists from PETA are at it again. They are again trying to get some recognition. I'll say first and foremost that I don't condone ANYTHING that Michael Vick has ever done except for scoring touchdowns. Now however, the terrorist organization that calls themselves PETA is petitioning the National Football League to have Vick undergo psychological tests and a brain scan to see if he still likes fighting dogs I guess. If he does undergo any tests, it's most likely going to show the dude is crazy because he crapped away millions of dollars by fighting pets. I hope they don't ever want me to undergo any brain scans because mine would say that I love hunting and eating all the animals of the great state of Kentucky. It would also say that PETA is a terrorist organization operating right here in our own country.

Here's a link to the entire bizzare story.

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